My name is Gianpaolo Bottin, I am a software engineer, I mostly use Visual C++ to develop software for industrial automation, monitoring and for embedded systems.
As you probably have found out browsing this site it's clear that photography is one passion of mine. I like to make trips through nature in Italy and abroad and I am always looking for photos that can inspire or surprise the viewer.

The Photo Gallery on my web site is the main container of the photos, most of them are ready to be used as wallpapers and sometimes this doesn't allow me to crop them as I would like. Moreover during last 12 years it grew a lot and there is now a wide range of images, some were taken on film, others with compact digital cameras, some are good others with a rather questionable quality. So I decided to start this Photo Blog with all my best shots

My collection of Pentax equipment is always growing, now I mostly use:
• Pentax K5
• Pentax DA 12-24 F4
• Pentax DA 17-70 F4
• Pentax DA 55-300 F4-5.8
• Pentax DA 35 F2.8 Macro Limited
• Pentax D-FA 100 F2.8 Macro
• Pentax DA* 300 F4